Hiking & Packing

Many COLA members enjoy hiking and packing with their llamas. COLA has three "traditional" hikes each year

  • We begin the year with a hike at Smith Rock State Park on New Years Day. A great way to start out the new year!!
  • We also have an Easter Hike. Kids love this one because the hike is also a hunt for Easter Eggs.
  • In July we help stock the high desert lakes, Doris and Blow with fish. The llamas carry packs with buckets of fish on the hike up to the lakes where we release the fish.

Individual members have their own stories about hiking with their llamas:

One of Teri's favorite outdoor activities is hiking with friends and family in the wilderness areas around Mt. Bachelor. Jake, Lonestar and Kaspian. A well-trained pack string of three llamas, usually hike along with carrying all the food and comfort items, making the experience memorable and fun.